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Providing more than just a bar service.


bartending & Mixology

High quality drinks service for private parties and events

I work closely with you to create an immersive experience for you and your guests for private parties, events or a product launches. Whether your event requires a unique cocktail reception for a handful of people or a fully operational & well stocked bar for a larger crowd, I am determined to provide the professional service and bar quality drinks. 

I am a bartender through and through. I want you and your guests to have an enjoyable experience. I offer to serve beer, wine, spirits and cocktails in conjunction or separately depending entirely on what you would like for your event. 

I can serve up to 30 guests by myself, after that additional staff will be required.


Bespoke and unique menus for your event, restaurant or venue, with staff training sessions - all tailored uniquely for you!

I work with you to create contemporary and unique cocktails that perfectly complement your bar, event or even business. I create custom drinks and menus that are completely tailored for you. Whether it is a cocktail that makes use of your product such a liqueur or ingredient of any kind, or whether it is for your launch party of your business and want to showcase your venture with a matching drink, I will help you make a drink that perfectly suits you. 

Alongside this I also provide all necessary staff training in cocktails and bar tending, with detailed recipes and instructions. I can also provide any equipment or ingredients and help you properly stock and equip your bar.

For some of my previous creations, see recipes


Workshops & Masterclasses

A brilliant social and enjoyable evening for the more casual mixologist or a educational experience for those looking to expand their bartending skills.

Whether you are a group of friends looking for an enjoyable and fun experience revolving around cocktails and making drinks or if you are an aspiring bartender yourself, I host group masterclasses or workshops for up to 12 people. You will learn to create several cocktails from classics to contemporary modern drink whilst using a variety of local spirits and mixers along with some of the most interesting artisan products available on the market today. But most importantly you will have fun and experience cocktails in a far more interactive experience than you would at a bar! Over the course of the evening, in between making drinks, nibbles will be served. This makes for a interesting and social evening for groups of up to 12 people. Each booking comes with your own TM branded 6 piece cocktail so that you can enjoy using what you learned at home! Masterclasses can be purchased from my web shop below:

About theo

A Martini.

Was the first cocktail I remember trying, way back when I was first pouring pints at my local pub, I was asked to make one by a patron and little did I know - that pouring the gin and vermouth over ice and stirring, straining and serving this delicate tipple with a twist of lemon - would change my life forever.

I discovered the wonderful world of cocktails, full of creativity, alchemy and chemistry. Since then I started my Bartending & Mixology business. I thoroughly enjoy creating cocktails, crafting menus, hosting events and teaching workshops. I take great pride in my work and believe that great cocktails come from high quality ingredients.

I am based In Tisbury, Wiltshire, but work all over the south west of England, London and have even travelled abroad. So if you think your upcoming event could do with a unique cocktail menu and high quality drinks don’t be afraid to get in touch! Look forward to seeing you at the bar…


When I’m not tending a bar or shaking up a whiskey sour, I work with my partner, Marte Marie Forsberg, we host Photography & Food Workshops around England, Italy and the rest of Europe. We aim to create unique, rich and wonderful experiences every time, full of fantastic food, stunning locations and great cocktails of course!




Environmentally friendly

I believe that we all should be responsible for limiting the impact on the environment when hosting events. I absolutely avoid using single use plastics behind my bar. My straws for cocktails are made from either sustainable, recycled or natural materials. Mixers and soft drinks will be bought in glass bottles. Bar towels and cleaning products I use are all ecologically friendly and have minimal impact on the environment, If the nature of the event prohibits glassware then suitable reusable or recyclable drink ware will be provided. 

Homemade & Natural

I source only the freshest fruit from organic origins for use in my cocktails.  I prepare as much as possible prior to the event, including my own homemade syrups and purees. I try to avoid refined sugar where possible and look for natural alternatives.

Tailored & Refined

I work closely with local and artisan producers who provide top quality products, from cider to gin. I love expanding my repertoire of flavours from all over the world and work with you to create a truly unique menu for your event. However, It is your event, so I love to serve your favourite tipple upon request.