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Tisbury, Wiltshire

Providing more than just a bar service. I work with you to create a bar experience that is unique and perfectly suited for you and your event, with an eye for detail and a passion for mixing drinks.

I do not quite remember the exact moment in which I fell in love with cocktails. It has been a long relationship that has slowly developed over my career. Perhaps it started with my first job pouring pints at the local pub or perhaps it was fostered from the first time I saw a bartender carefully craft an elegant and sophisticated drink behind a bar. The exact moment in time escapes me, however I do remember beginning to become more and more fascinated by mixology. It was something about the combination of flavours that are all unique on their own, however, when combined together they quite often become something far greater than each single component.

 It is in that combining of flavours to create complexity and depth that I find my passion in mixology. This lead me to experiment with cocktails at home and at work, constantly pushing the boundaries of what I knew. I am completely self taught and am constantly eager to learn more about the world of spirits and all that comes with it. 

I believe that cocktails can be beautifully simplistic and elegant, they need not to be taken too seriously nor should they be a gimmick. That is why I like to work with clients and colleagues to create contemporary cocktails that are unique to your event or party as well as mastering the classics. 

I believe that the best quality drinks, the ones you enjoy the most, are the ones in which all the ingredients beautifully compliment the other. The ones which you can sip and enjoy in good company.

I do not solely focus on cocktails as I have worked primarily as a bartender and then onto becoming a hotel manager. I have experience in operating all aspects of a bar and can lead a team of waiting and bar staff, I love to be in the middle of a busy bar, the atmosphere is alive and should be a place to come together and relax. 


Note: All the beautiful photography you see here is by my talented wife to be, Marte Marie Forsberg


My Ethos

Green Cocktails - I believe that we all should be responsible for limiting the impact on the environment when hosting events. I absolutely avoid using single use plastics behind my bar. My straws for cocktails are made from either sustainable, recycled or natural materials. Mixers and soft drinks will be bought in glass bottles. Bar towels and cleaning products I use are all ecologically friendly and have minimal impact on the environment, If the nature of the event prohibits glassware then suitable reusable or recyclable drink ware will be provided. 

Homemade & Natural Cocktails -  I source only the freshest fruit from organic origins for use in my cocktails.  I prepare as much as possible prior to the event, including my own homemade syrups and purees. I try to avoid refined sugar where possible and look for natural alternatives.

Tailored & Refined Cocktails  - I work closely with local and artisan producers who provide top quality products, from cider to gin. I love expanding my repertoire of flavours from all over the world and work with you to create a truly unique menu for your event. However, It is your event, so I love to serve your favourite tipple upon request. 

Bartending & Mixology

I work closely with you to create an immersive experience for you and your guests. That event can be anything from a wedding, a private party, corporate event or a product launch. Whether your event requires a unique cocktail reception for a handful of people or a fully operational & well stocked bar for a larger crowd, I am determined to provide the professional service and bar quality drinks. 

I am a bartender through and through. I want you and your guests to have an enjoyable experience. I offer to serve beer, wine, spirits and cocktails in conjunction or separately depending entirely on what you would like for your event. 

I can serve up to 40 guests by myself, after that additional staff will be required.

Cocktail Consultancy

I want to work with you to create contemporary and unique cocktails that perfectly complement your bar, event or even business. I create custom drinks and menus that are completely tailored for you. Whether it is a cocktail that makes use of your product such a liqueur or ingredient of any kind, or whether it is for your launch party of your business and want to showcase your venture with a matching drink, I will help you make a drink that perfectly suits you. 

I can only create up to 2 unique cocktails per event. For the ease of service and to keep quality of the drinks to the highest standard I tend to limit the number of cocktails per event to 4. 

I love experimenting with ingredients and creating new cocktails, however I have an extensive recipe collection and have something that perfectly complements all occasions, including classic cocktails. 

For some of my previous creations, see cocktails & recipes

Preparation & Ingredients 

I enjoy sourcing ingredients such as gin and whisky from local small batch distilleries to some of the finest producers from around the world. Your event can be fully stocked by me including any and all beverages needed for your event. Alternatively I can be as involved in the supplying of beverages as is required for your event. 

To make things run as smoothly as possible I do a huge amount of preparation before I even arrive at your event. All the necessary syrups and purees are homemade before hand and all the fruit used is carved and prepared ahead of time. 

I am accustomed to working in any setup and will prepare accordingly so that even if your event has no sink, freezer or store room filled to the brim I will still provide top quality drinks and service. I work with a local ice supplier so no matter the location or the weather there will top quality ice regardless. 

Workshops & Masterclasses 

I host group workshops in which you learn to create several cocktails from classics to contemporary modern drinks. You will learn a variety of techniques and methods used in mixology, along with how to use the tools of the trade. You will get to work with a variety of local spirits and mixers along with some of the most interesting artisan spirits available on the market today. Over the course of the evening, in between making drinks starters, mains and dessert will be served. This makes for a interesting and social evening for groups of up to 10 people. All the necessary equipment is provided for. 

Coming Soon: Mobile Bar Service

At the moment I solely operate as a bartender & mixologist. I can provide all the necessary kit and beverages for your event however at the moment I do not have access to a fully equipped mobile bar. I work with you to operate the bar at your event, if your event does not have any equipment (power outlets, sink, fridge, etc) I will provide what I need to serve your guests delicious cocktails. A table top will suffice as an alternative to an actual bar because it is about providing memorable drinks  and skilled service that I pride myself upon. 

In the coming months I will developing a unique portable bar that can outfitted with all that you need for your event. 


Each event is unique and I customise my services entirely depending on what you need for your event. Therefore prices are available upon discussion. If you wish to get in touch to discuss your event, click here

I hold a full personal licence to serve alcohol at events and bars. However I do not operate a cash/pay bar. All drinks and cocktails are included in the price of my service. 


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