Dorset Meat Co. Bloody Maria

A take on a classic, this Bloody ‘Maria’ is made with bacon fat washed Mezcal and Chilly infused sherry. Mmm…

A take on a classic, this Bloody ‘Maria’ is made with bacon fat washed Mezcal and Chilly infused sherry. Mmm…

This tasty, spicy and hearty meal in a Glass was created in collaboration with The Dorset Meat Company, a specialist meat supplier, sourcing responsible, sustainable and grass fed meat of the highest quality!

Fat washing is a process used to infuse the rich flavour of a fat or oil in an alcohol by mixing them, freezing and separating the frozen fat from the liquid alcohol.

This drink involves slow frying some seriously delicious smoked back bacon from one the DMC’s meatboxes, draining off the fat and infusing it with some Illegal Joven Mezcal. Which creates this salty, meaty and smoky combination of flavours that will simply blow your socks off. Combine this with a twist on your classic Bloody Mary making your maiden a Maria, perfect for those Sunday brunches.


50ml Bacon fat washed Mezcal (Illegal Joven)
25ml Chilly infused sherry ( leave 3 chillis cut in half in 150ml sweet sherry overnight)
8 dashes Worcestershire sauce
2 dashes tobacco hot sauce
20ml Lemon juice
15ml lime juice
Pinch celery salt & ground black pepper
100ml rich and thick tomato juice (doesn’t have to be homemade but it does taste amazing!)
Streaky bacon, celery leaves and a sherry soaked chilli for garnish

To make the fat washed mezcal cook the bacon in a skillet and drain off the fat into a glass jar, wait for it to cool slightly and add 150ml mezcal (8-12 rashes should do it) leave over night to infuse and then pop in the freezer until the fat is completely frozen and separated. Remove the fat from the top and strain the mezcal through a coffee filter or cheese cloth.

In a Boston shaker, add all the ingredients and ice, and roll the cocktail (pouring from one half the shaker to the other instead of shaking - (or if you’re in a hurry build the drink over ice in the glass) Pour into a tall glass with ice, rimmed with celery salt. Garnish with that crispy bacon, greens and the chilly. Enjoy!